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The series of "The Single Malt Whisky Collector's Guides" published by the Cluaran Publisher represents a standard guide for each ambitioned whisky connoisseur and collector. In these special guides, a large part (if not all) of the single malts being produced by the respective distillery is illustrated with photographs and information. The interested reader will find a picture (normally filling one page) of each filling together with additional special information to each and every bottle. Special fillings for only a few local markets or customers as well as variations of bottles and labels are considered hereby, too as well as an overview about the wide range of accessories and memorabilia.

The Collector´s Guides






213 Pages!
EUR  28,50 incl. VAT
ISBN 3-9809344-7-0



Over 120 different Glenmorangie Single Malts produced in the recent decades are presented in this book; arranged by Standards, Finishings, Vintages and Special Editions .




265 Pages!
EUR  33,-- incl. VAT
ISBN 3-9809344-3-8


With this guide we try to represent the nearly non-comprehensible range of Single Malts - especially the enormous number of special fillings. This special assortment dates back to the 50´s of the last century to the famous Square Bottles and even before that period.



693 Pages!
EUR  54,90 incl. VAT
ISBN 3-9809344-2-X


From the first Single Malts marketed on a world-wide basis in the 1960's to the newest Limited Editions you will find in this special guide the whole "Aberlour range" picture by picture. Organised into the four "generations" of these Malt Whiskies and a fifth chapter about the so-called independent bottlings the ambitioned collector (and connoisseur!) will have an overview of the Aberlour product range. Special attention is given to the blend "White Heather" that is closely connected with Aberlour not only by design.

236 Pages
EUR  28,50 incl. VAT
 ISBN 3-9809344-0-3


The almost unsolvable task of bringing together all bottlings ever being produced of this unfortunately being closed Islay distillery, initiated us to write this guide: almost 450 (!) different editions of the malts almost exclusively being bottled by independent bottlers are highlighted with pictures and information.

500 Pages
EUR 39,-- incl. VAT
ISBN 3-9809344-1-1


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